Four Common Shampooing Myths

Look anywhere and you will find grooming myths abounding. One specific topic always seems to come up and that is shampooing. How often to you need to wash your hair? How should you shampoo your hair? What makes shampoo effective? If you think you know everything you need to know about shampoo, it might surprise you to know that you might have bought into some common misconceptions on it.

The More Lather, the Higher Quality the Shampoo
On the surface this might seem true but in reality the opposite is more accurate. The more lather shampoos have the more damage it may be causing to your hair. Shampoos that foam up because of the sulfates in them. Excessive exposure to these chemicals can irritate and dry out the scalp. It is also a leading cause in dandruff, not to mention weak and frizzy hair. The sulfates are the cause of that burning you get when you get soak in your eyes.

You would do yourself a favor if you buy sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses with glycerin and other natural ingredients. Ask yourself, do you really want to clean your body with the same harsh ingredients you use to wash dishes and smelly socks? Many of our household cleaners include sulfates.

You Must Use Shampoo to Clean Your Hair
This is not really true. You can minimize your exposure to sulfates and other harsh chemicals by using eco-friendly cleanser we know as water. Unless you have been playing in mud, it takes a while for enough oil and dirt to accumulate that you need to use shampoo to cut through it. Just running water through your hair is often enough to remove product residue and actual dirt from your locks.

You Must Shampoo Daily
Most of us shampoo everyday to remove excess oil. Everyone’s hair follicles generate oil (sebum) at different rates. Use shampoo only when your hair looks or feels oily. For some that might mean daily while others can easily skip washing it for a week. Some oil helps your hair so daily washing it away can dry out your hair. Never follow those shampoo, rinse and repeat instructions. They are there only to sell more product.

Scrub Vigorously for Best Results
If you want a thick head of healthy hair that is clean, then your vigorously shampooing will surly sabotage your goal. Shampoo chemicals will irritate your scalp and damage your hair causing your hair to have breakages and even hair loss. You want to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion with only your finger tips (not your nails). Just concentrate on your scalp and your hair will be cleaned in the process.

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